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The latest update (October 11th 2019) regarding the new CAA regulations can be found in the news section of the BMFA website. A short extract:

The general principle adopted by the EASA team was to keep reference to model flying to a minimum within the AMC/GM documents on the basis that (with the exception of registration) model flying conducted within the framework of Associations is outside the scope of their regulations and details should be agreed at national level.
If you would like to find out more, the CAA have produced CAP1789 which is a useful guide to the EU regulations (which are likely to be followed from July 2020) and the CAA’s summary is far easier to digest than the original EU documents. You can find CAP1789 here: http://publicapps.caa.co.uk/docs/33/CAP1789%20EU%20UAS%20Regulations-Guidance.pdf

11th September 2019 – Latest update from the BMFA re Drone Registration  – view at:
Thanks to everyone who took part in Members Day at White Waltham. A good day was had by all.
BMFA website has an August 23rd 2019 update re the new Drone Registration
26th April 2019 – Drone Registration Update
IMPORTANT – consultation closes 7th June 2019
Please read the latest proposals from the CAA. The BMFA are encouraging members to respond.
Extra info from the BMFA with the May issue of BMFA news: https://bmfa.org/Portals/0/CEO/CAA%20-%20Letter%20to%20Members%20-%2030042019V3.pdf
22nd February 2019 – Drone Regulation Update.
Following extensive enquiries and discussions with the BMFA we are happy to report that the new regulations that come into force next month (13th March) do not have an effect on our flying site. The proposed 2.5nm radius around White Waltham is now 2nm and, as such, we are just outside it. We are seeking agreement with White Waltham to allow us to continue to fly should the distance be increased to 2.5nm which would put us on the edge/just inside of the FRZ (flight restriction zone). Please note that the maximum height is now 400 feet above the surface everywhere and applies to uav’s from 250g up to 20kg. The BMFA website has further details and definitive advice / interpretations of the new regulations.
The following link shows the new FRZ’s: https://dronesafe.uk/restrictions/
24th February: we are now in receipt of a letter from White Waltham stating that they are aware of our activities and have no objection to us continuing in the future.
Following the AGM it was agreed to raise the senior membership by £4 (from £66 to £70) to reflect the increase in field rent. 2019 subs are now due.
This years AGM will be on Thursday the 6th of December. Please see email for further details.
BMFA membership for 2019 – Senior £38, Junior £17, Family Senior £38, Family Partner £25, Family Junior £13
Interesting articles in the latest BMFA News (October 2018) page8 and 49 regarding the recent changes to UK regulations.
Latest ‘drone’ consultation – Reponses before 17th September 2018 https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/drone-legislation-use-restrictions-and-enforcement
Update on 400ft height limit: https://www.bmfa.org/News/News-Page/ArticleID/2533/Update-on-changes-to-UK-Regulations-and-the-400ft-height-limit
Friday 13th July – Visit to UK by the President Of The United States: There is an exclusion zone (notam) which is a transit corridor running from Sandhurst to Chequers. This covers our flying site and is active between 10.00am and 11.30am so no models may be flown before 11.30am.
Tuesday 10th July 2018 – RAF Anniversary Flypast: There is an exclusion zone (notam) for this event which means no models may be flown between 11.50 and 12.30 UTC. We are expecting to see (hopefully) or at least hear some elements of the fast jet group as they transit Windsor and Maidenhead.
Royal Wedding Saturday 19th May 2018: There is an exclusion zone (notam) around Windsor from 5.00am Saturday until 5.00am Sunday. It includes our flying site. There will be no flying of any models this Saturday. We have applied for an exception though as of Thursday evening have not had a reply. You will receive an e-mail explaining the situation. Should permission be granted before the event we will let you know by email.
2018 Membership renewal now due – Club membership remains the same – a £1.00 increase in the BMFA Senior and Family partner price.
New members welcome and spaces available for 2018.
September 2017 – 2017 BMFA Handbook now available online at: www.bmfa.org
Proposed EASA UAS Prototype Rules: The Committee are keeping ‘an eye’ on how these develop. It seems that, at present, clubs such as ours would be exempt under Article 15 and that the BMFA (presumably) would issue an operational authorisation.
Article 15 Transitional provisions. For recreational operations of UA, such as leisure flights, air displays, sport or competition activities, conducted in the frame of associations or clubs with proven satisfactory safety records and performed under national systems before this Regulation enters into force, the following transitional provisions shall apply: 1. By [3 years after entry into force of this Regulation — estimate 2020], the competent authority shall issue operational authorisations to associations or clubs for the operations which would otherwise require an authorisation according to Subpart B of Annex I to this Regulation. 2. An operational authorisation can be issued without the need to conduct the operational risk assessment referred to in UAS.SPEC.60. 3. Operational authorisations issued under this Article shall define the conditions, limitations and deviations from the requirements of Subpart B of Annex I to this Regulation. The proposals can be found at: https://www.easa.europa.eu/easa-and-you/civil-drones-rpas

Club rules updated March 2017.